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Pro Juggling Bean Bags
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Circus Clubs, RF Decorated Clubs, and Beard Euro Clubs
Beard Beach, RF, and One Piece Juggling Clubs

Shipping Costs

All items shipped to destinations in the USA are sent by Priority Mail through the US postal service, and take 3 - 5 business days to arrive. Shipping costs are determined by the shopping cart total. The prices are as follows:

$0.01 - 19.99: S/H $6.95
$20.00 - 49.99: S/H $8.75
$50.00 - 99.99: S/H $10.55
$100.00 - 174.99: S/H $12.25
$175.00 and up: S/H $ FREE

Items shipped to locations outside of the US are also sent through the US Postal service, but they are not sent by Priority Mail. As the costs of sending items overseas vary greatly please call us to let us determine the cost of shipping your order.


Plastic and Wooden Cigar Boxes
Plastic and Aluminum Spinning Plates
FlowerSticks and LunaSticks
Diabolos and Spinabolos