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Juggling: From Start to Star
Juggling: From Start to Star

"Juggling - from Start to Star", by the legendary Dave Finnegan. Dave has taught juggling for over 20 years, and is joined in this book by his two teen age children in demonstrating the juggling examples. This book is an excellent resource because it starts at the beginning but has material for jugglers of all levels of experience. It covers juggling fundamentals, how to work with scarves, 3 balls, 4 & 5 balls, rings, clubs, and how to juggle with a partner. It also covers juggling sticks, Diabolo, plate and ball spinning, cigar boxes and even hat manipulation. It concludes with juggling games, tips on performances, and how to teach juggling. It's an exceptional value for the money, is soft covered, and 221 pages long. ISBN 0-7360-3750-0.

Price: 15.95 Each

The Art of Juggling
The Art of Juggling

"Art of Juggling, the" by Ken Benge. This book starts with the basic cascade, and is well illustrated with black and white photos and diagrams to help demonstrate hand movements. It starts with the basic three ball cascade, moves to intermediate tricks, shows balancing, four and five ball routines, ball bouncing, and finishes with passing and performance ideas. 129 pages, soft cover. ISBN 0-917643-01-1.

Price: 9.95 Each

Circus in a Suitcase
Circus in a Suitcase

"Circus in a Suitcase", by Reg Bolton. This book has many short chapters in it, and briefly touches on all of the "circus" arts. Illustrated with hand drawn pictures, it covers juggling, tumbling, balancing acts, stilt walking, unicycling, and many more. 96 Pages, soft cover. ISBN 0-932720-08-0.

Price: 8.95 Each

Three Club Juggling
Three Club Juggling

"Three Club Juggling", by Dick Franco. This book assumes you already have a solid three ball skill set, and starts with the basics of the club working it's way through balances, fancy starts and finishes. Illustrated with black and white photos to show the starting and finishing positions, and has performance photos from famous jugglers and troupes at the end of the book. 128 Pages, soft cover. ISBN 0-917643-02-x.

Price: 12.95 Each

Three Ball Digest
Three Ball Digest

"Three Ball Digest", by Dick Franco. Starts with the three ball cascade, covers intermediate and advanced tricks, and also has a chapter on the head roll. Black and white illustrations and photos, with an extensive list of photos at the end of the book of famous jugglers. 150 pages, soft cover. ISBN 0-917643-04-6.

Price: 17.95 Each

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